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Media Arts Resource 1

1. What is the resource and where did you locate it?
This resource building a character in Illustrator, using character development tools. It is one I completed for the VCD website example, available at this link here:

2. Why were you drawn to it as a resource?
This is a great project to do before commencing on learning 2D animation techniques, which I would like to explore for assignment 2. I have already shared this with several high school students who found it really useful, and easy to follow in the Learn Press learning management software that it is built in. 

3. Who constructed it and how has it been designed?
I designed and developed this resource and used industry methodologies for creating characters. Because of my qualifications and experience in Vocational Education and Training, I also linked also to a VET delivery and it can be modified for higher or lower levels.

4. How it could be used to address the curriculum; i.e. the particular levels, strands, band/content? descriptions/achievement standards of relevance to your students?
This could address level 9 and 10:

  • Manipulate media representations to identify and examine social and cultural values and beliefs.
  • Develop and refine media production skills to integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text to represent a story, purpose, meaning and style
  • Plan, produce and distribute media artworks for a range of community, institutional contexts and different audiences, and consider social, ethical and regulatory issues

For achievement standards:

  • Students use intent, structure, setting, characters and genre conventions to evaluate how technical and symbolic elements are manipulated to make representations and meaning

5. What is its pedagogical value for you as a teacher? Does it include excellent pedagogical tips, for example questioning strategies/ differentiation strategies/organizational strategies?
It has sections step by step starting with developing the character and paces each lesson well: 

It does provide differentiation, and continuing questions and research and activities to do for each step through the process. It is more than just as simple lesson, it’s a resource for 10 lessons, and something that can be completed at the students own pace. It is also teaches students how to use some fundamental tools of Illustrator, which will be built upon for media into animation.

6. Why would do you think it would engage students at your targeted year level/s?
The creation of characters is universal, but this process is connected to industry processes and development practices and to the disciplines of Art, Media, Graphic Design as well.

7. How might it be used to challenge students to extend, enrich and individualize their learning?
This assignment is very much about individualising the learning experience, and students are asked specifically to create a character that they want to make. For a media unit the character assignment would be extended to include thinking and writing about genre. 

8. How could you implement it using your website?
This could be duplicated on my website and contexualised for media students and further oriented around genre and characters considered for diversity. It would be followed by a unit about developing an animation using the character.

Learning designer, digital designer and educator with extensive experience teaching creative subjects. Qualifications include: MA Creative Media (Multimedia), Ba Arts (Fine Art), Cert IV Training and Assessment, Dip Training Design and Development, Dip Vocational Education and Training, currently studying an MA in Secondary Education.

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