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Media Arts resource 2

1. What is the resource and where did you locate it?
This resource is a learning activity where students develop and record a short scene where the central protagonist notices their shoe lace is undone, and is from Lesson Bucket from Brett Lamb. Available 

2. Why were you drawn to it as a resource?
This is a great introductory exercise to get students working with film in groups in a short story with limitations and could be used for a range of classes. It provides students with some freedom to create their own visions of how the story can develop, and also provides an opportunity for collaboration

3. Who constructed it and how has it been designed?
It was designed by Brett Lamb and is more like instructions for teachers, and includes how to implement the task and suggestions for things to talk about. It could be used by students also, but would need some adjustment to be provided to students as learning materials but contains much of the structure of the lesson.

4. How it could be used to address the curriculum; i.e. the particular levels, strands, band/content? descriptions/achievement standards of relevance to your students?

This could address level 9 and 10:

  • Experiment with ideas and stories that manipulate media elements, and genre conventions to construct new and alternative viewpoints in images, sounds and text.
  • Develop and refine media production skills to integrate and shape the technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text to represent a story, purpose, meaning and style
  • Plan, produce and distribute media artworks for a range of community, institutional contexts and different audiences, and consider social, ethical and regulatory issues

For achivement standards:

  • Apply design, production and distribution processes to the media artworks they make.

5. What is its pedagogical value for you as a teacher? Does it include excellent pedagogical tips, for example questioning strategies/ differentiation strategies/organizational strategies?
It is a good structure that offers some experiential group learning that is highly suitable to film projects. It does ask students to consider several ideas about setting up shots etc, however it would be great to include storyboarding and planning exercises at the beginning to further direct and support the development of the assignment. It does bring up lots of sections that they will need to consider and highlights the key scenes for this short narrative. Further discussions in the classroom could revolve around the genre. 

6. Why would do you think it would engage students at your targeted year level/s?
Students would enjoy this as it is active activity and they would be able to see an outcome at the end of the class. Uploading it to YouTube would also be a fun thing to finish off the class with. 

7. How might it be used to challenge students to extend, enrich and individualize their learning?
This resource could be used to enable students to extend the story thinking about how the protagonist might end up in the situation where they were doing up their shoes, and they could do multiple versions so each student is the main character. They could consider and include a topic from another discipline as part of the inspiration for their story as well.

8. How could you implement it using your website?
I would develop an online resource for it in the Learn Press LMS and include content from the Brett Lamb page with references, to deepen and explore the lesson in more detail.

Learning designer, digital designer and educator with extensive experience teaching creative subjects. Qualifications include: MA Creative Media (Multimedia), Ba Arts (Fine Art), Cert IV Training and Assessment, Dip Training Design and Development, Dip Vocational Education and Training, currently studying an MA in Secondary Education.

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