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Media Arts Resource 4

1. What is the resource and where did you locate it?
This resource is a learning activity pack available through Australian Centre for the Moving Image teacher resources and it is in reference to the film Rabbit Proof fence


2. Why were you drawn to it as a resource?

This is a really well made film about a unique true Australian story that was released at a time of great change in perceptions of indigenous people. t makes me feel uncomfortable to watch it, it really brings home some of the important cultural themes and societal realities that as a nation we need to come to terms with.

3. Who constructed it and how has it been designed?
It was designed by ACMI, and there is a study guide available for free that triggers conversation and raises important questions, not only about the development of the story as a media product but also the local, national and global questions of cultural significance.

4. How it could be used to address the curriculum; i.e. the particular levels, strands, band/content? descriptions/achievement standards of relevance to your students?

This resource would fall into the responding band, specifically explore and express ideas, and respond and interpret.

At level 9 and 10:

  • Analyse and evaluate how technical and symbolic elements are manipulated in media artworks to challenge representations framed by social beliefs and values in different community and institutional contexts
  • Analyse and evaluate a range of media artworks from contemporary and past times, including the media artworks of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to explore differing viewpoints and enrich their media arts making.
  • Technical and symbolic elements in images, sounds and text to represent a story, purpose, meaning and style
  • Plan, produce and distribute media artworks for a range of community, institutional contexts and different audiences, and consider social, ethical and regulatory issues

For achivement standards:

  • Students communicate alternative viewpoints in media artworks for different community and institution contexts. 

5. What is its pedagogical value for you as a teacher? Does it include excellent pedagogical tips, for example questioning strategies/ differentiation strategies/organizational strategies?
It has a lot of important questions about history, but also importantly locates that in a current cultural concepts and political changes and actions of the time of it’s release. This is important as the film is not only relevant to the historical time it is set, but also the time the film was released. I particularly like the focus on the idea of paternalism, and the connection to the land, important to communicate that ownership and belonging to the land are really different things. A lot of the learning pack can trigger discussions within the classroom and some of those questions would also be useful for students to write their own responses to perhaps as homework. 

6. Why would do you think it would engage students at your targeted year level/s?
Students may have studied this film before and have seen it as well, but there are likely more complex issues that students could review at this age and further explore. I would also like to explore the idea of creating conversation in the classroom through gentle provocation, I think this is a perfect film and topic to discuss as a group.

7. How might it be used to challenge students to extend, enrich and individualize their learning?
This resource could be used to enable students to extend and enrich their learning and individualise it by considering a personal response to the film in an essay, or to explore their family heritage or lives of their grandparents or great grandparents to get an insight into what life was like at the time the film is set.

8. How could you implement it using your website?
I would develop an online resource for it in the Learn Press LMS and include references to the original resource, I’d include some quizzes and some sort of experiential guide, maybe an embedded map through google maps of the actual journey taken.

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