Media Studies,  VCE

Links to resources to support the implementation of the planner

With reference to the Media Unit 3 and 4 planner found at this link, here are a list of important videos, books and websites to assist with the implementation of a unit 3 and 4 VCE subject.

Useful websites: Australian Teachers of Multimedia, runs professional development courses Fuse, resource for media education Dunscombee (, 2018, Heineman Media, Pearson Australia, detailed textbook for some lessons across the board in Media Media Reframed: VCE units 1-4, (2018), Hugh Mason-Jones / Ben Hoban / Lauren Humphries / Lisa Blumenstein / Nick Booth / Vic Tietze / David Caust, similar textbook to above one. , Brett Lamb website, lots of resources and support from senior media teacher for students and teachers.

Narrative and Ideology: Get out, the film by Jordan Peele, will be explored for this topic. Here is a link to some great resources from the Teachers of Media Victoria 

Some interesting fan theories about “Get Out’:

Narrative and Ideology: Get out is one film that is looked at for this topic and it will be contrasted with Back to the Future

Here is a link to some great resources for Back to the Future

Narrative and Ideology: Back to the Future Slideshare codes and conventions 

Media Production & Narrative and Ideology: Hidden codes in Media

Media Production: Stories we tell from ACMI -This shape-shifting documentary explores the nature of storytelling. Our 60-minute lecture focuses on narrative style and the way this unconventional documentary positions filmmaker, participants and audience. This informative video lecture can be watched in the classroom.

Media Production: Writing for the screen from ACMI, is for 7-10, but steps out the process.

Media Production: A nice outline of codes and conventions for media

Media Production: Film it resources aimed at years 7-10, but useful for media production processes and practices.

Agency and Control: The great hack, available on Netflix can be used to contexualise the location of the control with regards to the power of the audience. 

Agency and Control: Friendly Jordies

Friendly Jordies in ‘the Australian’

The guardian on shanks

in independant australia,15347

You Tube channel

Agency and Control: BBC Murdoch Documentary

This is a great documentary for looking at who owns the media

There is also a really good one on ABC iView, which is more accessible and by 4 corners,

Also an article from the Guardian about the News of the World close down

Media Pre Production: This website has some good tutorials on using Premier Pro 
After Effects

Media Pre Production: This website has some good story outline information  

Media Pre Production: Link to my short course development Short Film Development

Media Pre Production: Robert Mc Gee’s 7 step outline text about the problem with story, several areas would be useful around the Structure and setting and character 

Exam Preparation:

Preparing for a media exam

Brett Lamb exam reviews question 1

Brett Lamb exam reviews question 2

Brett Lamb exam reviews question 3

Brett Lamb exam reviews question 4


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