Welcome to my site, my name is Lauren, I work as an artist, illustrator, designer, and teacher. My teaching methodology revolves around creating an inclusive classroom where all members are engaged and enjoying the experience. I approach my teaching much like a designer would, aiming to provide a complete experience, and teaching to all levels in the classroom. 

I have set up the courses on this site to be a resource for teaching Visual Communication Design and Visual Arts tailored to the Curriculum for Secondary Schools in Victoria, Australia.

I love to draw on diverse content to support student learning, and include resources from fine art, design, digital media, interactive media, games, illustration, animation and art. I like to develop projects using paper, found objects, digital art and design. The pedagogical approach is classroom based, this web resource when completed could be used by students wanting to move ahead at different rate for skill development, as well as teachers looking for new ideas for their classrooms. In the classroom, the focus is on social constructivism, the value to the student being with others fostering a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

My teaching approach is highly visible and transparent and at each stage combines skill development with history and theory. The focus is on fostering a questioning mind, and employing high impact teaching strategies.