Mixed Methods Research

Limitations of mixed methods

While much of the information on this site is celebrating the positive aspects of using mixed methods for research, there are some limitations that also need to be considered.

In many cases the research design is difficult to implement as there are many steps and this complicates the process and increases the need for more people to be able to analyse the results. This can require more resources, or extend the length of time of the study may need to be to longer than originally planned.

The video above lays out some limitations of research, however, within mixed methods, other limitations include the skills of the researcher or team. The researcher, or team of researchers, need to be trained in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data, and be able to integrate this in the analysis phase.

Having begun as a research method in the late 1970’s it is a relatively new methodology and therefore there is more research to be done into the understanding of this methodology.

It is good to think carefully when considering this method, if you have the time, the resources, the skills, and the solid research plan to conduct this type of study.

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