Mixed Methods Research

Definition of mixed methods research

Mixed methods research is an emerging research methodology that brings together the best of qualitative – working with individual data and stories – and combines that with quantitative – a systematic and statistical investigation, in a research design that is based on the needs of each research question, hypothesis, ethics, limitations, epistemology .

Dr John W Creswell is one of the most cited researchers in this field, here is a definition from his book ‘Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches’:

“Mixed methods research is an approach to inquiry involving collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, integrating the two forms of data, and using distinct designs that may involve philosophical assumptions and theoretical frameworks. The core assumption of this form of inquiry is that the integration of qualitative and quantitative data yields additional insight beyond the information provided by either the quantitative or qualitative data alone.” (Creswell, 2018, p52)

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